Hidden MANGA treasures in a two-floor comic book store at the back of the Anne Frank Museum, a street with only galleries and hair salons…

This and many more of Jordan’s curiosities are on show in the interactive exhibition: Jongeren vertellen over de Jordaan.

The exhibition is a result of co-creation sessions with youths from Jordaan. The participants were inspired to find and present the hidden story of the neighbourhood using an open-source art platform on interactive screens.

Under my and Andrea Palm’s guidance, young people also were trained in doing historical research, learning to take photographs, and recording sound.

Go and Find one of the 3 interactive screens in Jordan and check out the photos and stories of the young people who show us their neighbourhood from their point of view.

Locaties schermen

This is another initiative from my MuPop projects, supported this time by Fonds Voor Centrum.