Young city designers

In February and in March I worked with children from Amsterdam North.
The project was in collaboration with SPIN and took place in one of their playgrounds Zeeslag.
I conducted a series of workshops related to urban design and games.

Topic: design your own dream neighbourhood
Duration: every Friday 20 January – 17 February
Goals: To challenge children to get to know their home town and to stimulate their creativity and imagination.
Target: Children 6-12 years old
In a series of five 2-hour sessions, the children mapped the neighbourhood’s streets and made models of their dream neighbourhood. In the first session, the children learned about the principles of topography, looked at different types of maps and discovered what elements they contain. Then they drew their own map with routes and objects such as a helicopter pad, a children’s museum and, of course, candy and ice cream shops

Hey IJburg and Zeeburggirls, come raise your voices for climate action!
Come by on June 12th  and 19th. I will be leading a pop-up event in IJburg for girls aged 11-14 as a part of Project Fearless program ARTivism for Climate Action.
More info here.

Ace Academy 2021

Such a great time I have spent as a mentor in DeliteLab this summer. I am very happy for all my mentees and looking forward to seeing their amazing ideas getting off the ground.
The Ice Academy 2021 has ended but the entrepreneurial journey has just  begun!

Pitch & Networking event Makers Unite

On Monday, December 16th, we celebrated the participants of the last (13th) Creative Lab of the year! It was an inspiring and joyful evening with new and old members of our growing community.

I wish you all the best in the future! I will miss you!


National competition for Young Talents in the field of science 2020

This is one of the best moments every year since 2008 where I’ve been involved in Club of Young Science –  Ngo which supports young people with great ideas and knowledge in science.

This year we had a fully digital process from evaluation of the projects to the award ceremony. I’ve missed the energy and smiles of all the amazing young talents of Bulgaria but I hope we will see each other soon:)
Congratulations to the winners!

All this year’s next to my job I’m involved in the NGO, helping young talents to develop their research interests and creative thinking.
I’m responsible for different actives such as:
– Coordinating local partners and organisations
– Conducting additional research
– Setting up mentorship programs
– Research, co-create and publish online exhibitions.

Video from the previous events – “Innovation Fair 2014”