24/7 IJburg is an idea that I have been cooking for a long time. Since I moved to Amsterdam, I have been searching for several ways to involve the young community in the different neighborhood’s activities. In the summer of 2021, with the support of the municipality of Amsterdam and Buurtfonds, I got the chance to implement my idea together with my partners FlexBieb and photographer  Annemarieke van den Broek.

The project is an interactive pop-up exhibition in several locations in IJburg.

The exhibitions are published using MuPop on big interactive screens. These screens are mounted behind the windows of local businesses and transformed into an art gallery. Anyone passing such a screen can watch the photo’s and listen to audio with the use of their own mobile phone.

The co-creation format

The expositions are the result of a series of 6 co-creation sessions, with youngsters (10 – 14 years) who were inspired to create their own personal, visual narrative about IJburg. By photographing, researching, and recording they prepared digital content that reflects the neighborhood with its diversity, nature, and spirit.


The main goal of the project was to create an interesting and challenging environment for young people that stimulates them to:

  • develop 21st-century skills in the process such as creative thinking, collaboration, technological literacy, and communication skills.
  • making them look for the beauty of the area and the people living in it
  • provoke their photographic and design skills.

The coaching process gives them the opportunity to learn the art of storytelling, by presenting realistic images, sounds, and narratives about IJburg’s daily life.

Watch below a video of the interaction of the visitor when he uses a smartphone to operate the exposition.

View here the location of the screens