IJburg was the first neighbourhood where we implemented the project. Supposed by Postcode Loterij Buurtfonds, I worked with the culture -community centre FlexBieb and photographer  Annemarieke van den Broek.

With students from two schools and a local community centre, we conducted 6 workshops and installed 5 screens around IJburg.

By photographing, researching, and recording the local youths they prepared digital content that reflects the neighbourhood with its diversity, nature, and spirit. The coaching process allowed the youths to learn the art of storytelling. By using their own words and photos, they created contemporary narratives about IJburg in their own words and emotions.

The main purpose of the project was to create an exciting and challenging environment for young people that stimulates them to:

  • develop 21st-century skills in the process such as creative thinking, collaboration, technological literacy, and communication skills.
  • making them look for the beauty of the area and the people living in it
  • provoke their photographic and design skills.

See in the video below how the interactive screen works