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24/7 IJburg

Mijn eerste creatieve sessie (bijna) helemaal in het Nederlands gefaciliteerd. De kick off van het project 24/7 IJburg – de buurt gepresenteerd door de lens van haar jonge bewoners.
Samen met fotograaf Annemarieke van den Broek geef ik een serie workshops, waarin jongeren hun creativiteit ontwikkelen en leren hoe ze een interactieve tentoonstelling kunnen bouwen met behulp van een multiscreen app.Hun werk zal te zien zijn op de verschillende schermen rondom IJburg.
Stay tuned 🙂
Dank aan #FlexBieb, voor de gastvrijheid en organisatie van het event!

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Ace Academy 2021

Congratulations to the new graduates from Ice Academy 2021 in collaboration with Ben & Jerry’s!
Such a great time I have spent as a mentor in DeliteLab this summer. I am very happy for all my mentees and looking forward to seeing their amazing ideas getting off the ground.
The Ice Academy 2021 has ended but the entrepreneurial journey has just begun!

Our IJburg, our futures – no to the biomass plant!

If you’re from IJburg or Zeeburgereiland and are passionate about protecting the environment – or just want to learn more about how you can make a real impact – this is the pop-up for you! 

Come join us for 2 design thinking workshops where you’ll learn how to boost your creativity and the positive effect you can have on the climate. We’ll be using design thinking methods and we’ll focus on a real-life challenge that’s happening in IJburg right now

There are plans for a biomass plant in Diemen, but lots of local residents are against the idea. So we’re going to learn about the issues at stake and work together to raise our voices and show why we’re against the Diemen biomass plant. 

This is about creating a real, lasting impact from just a few short, creative actions that we can take as a group. For the climate, for our futures, and for the whole IJburg and Zeeburg community! 

In our design thinking sessions, you’ll work in a small group to create:

  • Your own campaign to raise awareness of the issues around the Diemen biomass plant – think shooting a short film and designing posters and flyers!
  • Make a video report for local IJburg TV
  • Bring your friends and families together to take part in local demonstrations and petitions
  • Design and build your own mobile exhibition on the issues surrounding the biomass plant – carry out your own research, take reporter-style photos and collect newspaper materials!

Who’s ready to get started and make a real impact in IJburg?! We’ll pack all this activity into 3-hour sessions on 2 consecutive Saturdays in June. Your organizer for the session is Krassimira, a social designer and mother of 2 who’s originally from Bulgaria. She’s dedicated her career to helping young people unleash their imaginations and skills, and loves learning by doing and inventing! 

National competition for Young Talents in the field of science 2020

This is one of the best moments every year since 2008 where I’ve been involved in Club of Young Science –  Ngo which supports young people with great ideas and knowledge in science.

This year we had a fully digital process from evaluation of the projects to the award ceremony. I’ve missed the energy and smiles of all the amazing young talents of Bulgaria but I hope we will see each other soon:)
Congratulations to the winners!

All this year’s next to my job I’m involved in the NGO, helping young talents to develop their research interests and creative thinking.
I’m responsible for different actives such as:
– Coordinating local partners and organisations
– Conducting additional research
– Setting up mentorship programs
– Research, co-create and publish online exhibitions.

Video from the previous events – “Innovation Fair 2014”

Pitch & Networking event Makers Unite

On Monday, December 16th, we celebrated the participants of the last (13th) Creative Lab of the year! It was an inspiring and joyful evening with new and old members of our growing community.

I wish you all the best in the future! I will miss you!


OI4Science – Innovative Ecosystem

Recently I was invited to join the framework of the project OI4 Science initiated by the Joint Innovation Center in Bulgaria. The project aims to create an innovative ecosystem where government, companies, academia and citizens exchange innovations and good practises. By sharing knowledge and experience the platform accelerates the global digital transformation in a unique integrated way, meeting the needs of all stakeholders involved.

I will conduct UX Research, will develop user scenarios, wireframes and mockup. In addition, I will coordinate on technical development.

What ?! Did you say Hologram ?!

In sprint 2, we decided to create a campfire projected in a hologram. Our client appreciated our idea of using hologram as a tool or device.

So we decided to continue using a hologram. In sprint 3, we focused on thinking how the shape of hologram should look like and what kind of contents would help people stay in the moment.

Arena Visit on Oct 28, 2018


Before starting the 1st week, our client gave us an opportunity to observe how people act during the match. It was a special match since Ajax (home team in Johan Cruyff ArenA) was playing Feyenoord (Rotterdam) who are their “arch-enemies”.

During the game and at the end of the game, we went to space where we will place our prototype and observed the behaviour of customers and how the atmosphere is like. It was really useful and we found several insights which we did not know before.

  • Soon after the game was finished, people stood in a queue for escalator and our space was cleared in 30 minutes.
  • Many people were singing happily in groups after the game.
  • Our space was as cold as outside.

From those insights, we guessed that people might want to stay longer if we prepare something which makes people want to sing more or something which can make them feel warm.


Based on findings, and taking our 5 focus points into account (1. Place-making, 2. The sense of home 3. gains creator, 4. Sensory-Scape, 5. Social interaction), we brainstormed about contents shown on the hologram.

We split ourselves into 2 groups.

The rule was one person shares his or her idea and the other one continues to builds upon it instead of saying “but” or “no”.

After 20 minutes we gather together again, combined results of both groups and rank the ideas. We came up with 3 different types of contents.

1. Interactive fireplace: We added interactive functions to our previous idea, campfire. If people sing around the fire, the size, colour, and burning rate of the fire will change based on the loudness and pitch of the crowd’s voice and tempo of the song.

2. AI quizmaster: Using Wikipedia content, we formulate real-time questions related to the event. For example, if it is a Bruno Mars concert, it might ask you “Which was the first album by Bruno Mars?”.

3. Showcasing video highlights: We show some movies about the event such as highlights, old clips of performers, or behind-the-scenes and exclusive footage.

Building the Hologram and its Contents

After the brainstorming session, we started building the structure of the hologram and designing some contents. We prioritized the contents using MoScow and decided to work primarily on Interactive fireplace and Showcasing video highlights. Nozomi and Krassimira made animation videos such as fire and content of showcase. Dikshant and Seiya figured out how to make interactive functions like changing the colour of fire based on the sensor using Processing and Arduino. (If you want to know how to connect Processing and Arduino, you can learn in detail here

Since our prototype would be large, we needed to figure out a good way of displaying contents on the hologram. We found it difficult to prepare a big screen, so we decided to use a projector and something could be a substitute on the screen. And we were actually struggling because we were not sure if the projector would work well or not. We tried some materials such as paper, white cloth, black cloth. And finally, our content looked like good when we used a white cloth as a screen.

User Testing

On Nov 13th, 2018, we showed our prototype to people at Digital Society School and introduced our 3 ideas. As soon as we turned on the hologram, people came around and they were curious about the mechanism and how it would work. We asked them some questions about our ideas.

  • Which idea do you prefer at first sight? 
    At first impression, people preferred interactive fireplace to other ideas.
  • Which idea can help you talk to people from another group?
    Since social interaction is one of the key purposes, we addressed this question, and people preferred interactive fire and AI quiz idea.
  • Which idea can make you stay longer?

This question is connected to our purpose directly, and they thought AI quiz and video idea would make them stay longer.

Some of them also gave us feedback that they want to have warm air and burning fire sound. Some of them wanted to see a backstage image through Instagram Stories of performers.

The vision for our Next Sprint

We presented our work to our client, and they advised us to continue to think about the contents. In this sprint, we came up with an abstract vision of the content, so they also recommended building it more specifically.

Our goal of next sprint will be “Build interactions which make people stay longer around the hologram”.

We are hoping to build ideas which will give people a truly “Wow!” Moment!




Global Goals Jam 2017

In September 2017 I was a participant in the Global Goals Jam Amsterdam organised by MediaLab of the HvA.  A two-day event where creative teams with designers, developers and Jammers from the local community work together in short design sprints using a tailored toolkit. The main goal of the Jam is to create interventions aimed at short-term targets supporting long-term goals.

The event contained 4 sprints that covered the entire design process of brainstorming, ideation, mind mapping the ideas, prototyping and final deliverable presentation with a model. I was part of the “girl team”, working in the project called “Zero Hunger”. Each of our team’ members had a different background – sociology, psychology, business management – and we all looked at the assignment from these different angles.

It was amazing to collaborate our ideas and experience and we came up with multiple solutions to a problem that we had to solve. Taking the time constraint into account we have to make fast decisions so we still had time to elaborate on the most suitable solution. We chose for an event to promote and to create a prototype/model of our product.

Our solution was to build communal compost pits in different areas for local and neighbourhood people to dispose of their food waste. The compost formed by this waste will be utilized to cultivate a communal garden. The fruits and vegetables grown in this communal garden will be equally distributed among the local and neighbourhood people. It was a proposal to form a circular economy.

Ladies that UX in Amsterdam

I’m glad to be part of Ladies that UX in Amsterdam , community.

By helping them with the event’s organisation where I can, and joining the monthly meeting, I’m always staying on top of what is new in the UX and Tech sector.
The last event I was attending was about asking the right question when developing a product and the way this question can influence your design.