As part of the Oost Begroot initiative, I had the opportunity to implement the 24/7 Oost project in this neighbourhood as well.

The format was the same – a series of workshops that ended with an interactive exhibition. Here I worked with a total of 32 students from MLA, DWS, KIEMM and Dynamo. Due to the different study programs and schedules of the students, the project lasted more than 4 months.








The participants were divided into three groups and each one created their own exhibition. As a result, we have 3 different exhibitions with 10 personal and beautiful visual narratives about the neighbourhood.

The diversity, colour, flavour and beauty of Oost in sound and picture can be seen until the end of the summer at three venues in the neighbourhood.



The interactive screens work in parallel and we rotate the three different exhibitions on them. These PopUp interactive galleries, freely accessible 24/7 to anyone who is willing to use their mobile phone to view them are now part of the cultural life of Oost.


Address of the 24/7 Oost Expos:

  1. Stadsloket Oost
    Oranje-Vrijstaatplein 2
  2. MLA 2#
    C. van Eesterenlaan 50
  3. KIEMM
    Tweede Oosterparkstraat 33