I am using the Designathon methodology to teach children (8 to 12 years old) the skills that help them develop ideas for a better world. My program revolves around design sessions where young participants tackle solutions related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs.).

Working in small teams, they collaborate to evolve ideas and build prototypes using materials ranging from cardboard and glue to sensors, motors and other electronic components. Finally,  they present their solutions to their peers, a panel of experts, and an audience.





Every year, my students also take part in Global Children’s Designathon (GCD). This is an annual event that encourages children from all over the world to think creatively about sustainability issues.

I am delighted that for the last two years, my students were qualified for the international final, which takes place in March in Amsterdam.
And since last year, together with my partners NC Future now, we organised the event with  Bulgarian children from Smolyan and put Bulgaria on the GCD map as well.