The Rose Festival in Kazanlak is one of the most famous festivals in Bulgaria and welcomes thousands of tourists from all around the world. In order to inform these visitors, we proposed the Kazanlak municipality to build a Mobile Festival App.

As a US researcher and account manager I was part of the team that build the back-end and designed the front-end for both Apple App Store as the Google Play Store. For the development team I did the following activities:

  • Wire-framing
  • Making a Mockup
  • Collection event information
  • Usability Testing

In the early stage of the project I made a Mockup of the application using the program Indigo Studio. This wireframe shows the structure of the main goal of the application, to give visitors an overview of the festival events, the wireframe shows how the listing of events would work and how a user could navigate on a map, get a specific listing of events on that location and the option to get routing information to this location.


We build the RoseApp, both for Apple and Android Store within four months period. Beside the UX work did also the account management with the municipality and collected all the festival event’s information both in the English as Bulgarian language (localisation) and published this in the App using the CMS.
Furthermore together with the municipality, I conducted a social media campaign promoting both the app as the festival.

For the promotion of the App we made a demonstration movie showing the way the application works.