Over the past 17 months, Krase Research & UX has had the pleasure of being part of the MOOC4ALL project, founded by the Erasmus+ programme of the EU(2021-1-BG01-KA220-VET-000029853).

MOOC4ALL is designed to meet present challenges and future trends in the VET sector by developing a flexible innovative social model for (online) learning (SMOL), which allows successful learning and completion of courses in an online environment through digital technologies.

This model allows an instructor, teacher, or mentor in VET to lead a group social learning process using any online content, thus structuring the work and strengthening the social ties between the learners.



1. Develop a practical tool – Social model for (online) learning (SMOL).

2. Build an effective partnership to implement strategies to improve


3. Improve the quality of VET provision through a model allowing the integration of online content.

4. Improve access to education and training for all.



Krase Research & UX roles were:
I. Conducting secondary research and testing during the elaboration of the social learning model

II. Development of a mobile online platform

  • User research
    – Facilitate co-creation sessions that have brought together end-users (students, educators, coaches) and software developers
    – Usability testing of the first prototypes
  • Elaboration and implementation

III. Project management




  • The Social Model for Online Learning is a comprehensive, 150-page guide that delves into online learning offering various practical, non-formal activities designed to help facilitators nurture a beneficial learning environment.
  • A mobile app that functions as a virtual forum, designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas between those interested in attending an online course.
  • Facilitators Manual provides all MOOC facilitators with detailed steps to become good MOOCster

Other partners organisations: