Forum Social innovations for In inclusive society in Brussel aimed to promote different positive examples of social enterprises, social innovations, digital solutions for social inclusion and funding opportunities in Bulgaria.
The event shared the philosophy behind the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17 –  A successfully sustainable development agenda requires partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society. Participants and audience were reflected upon current problems and helped to build productive relationships focused on growing social impact.

  • As a researcher, I identified 40 good examples from Bulgaria which were presented in Brussels by poster exhibition.
  • Invited leaders of social enterprises in Bulgaria, mentors and supporters for developing social innovations and governmental representatives.
  • Organised a panel discussion where shared cases and analyse best practices of effective partnerships between corporations, international and local institutions, social innovators and entrepreneurs with an emphasis on the exchange of knowledge and expertise.











In addition, I presented the Design Thinking method as a process of solving wicked problems in the context of social innovation challenges.
As an example, I used a concrete case of Reach for change foundation, Bulgaria.

Design Thinking by Tim Brown from