Find a Treasure is an online platform, which allows users to navigate on a map and filter on different categories to reveal both material and cultural treasures of Bulgaria.
We created this website with the idea to introduce local customs and rituals to the larger public and to show diverse tourist routes in the area.

Together with PhD students from Veliko Tarnovo University, I conducted ethnography research, visiting small settlements in the central mountain region in Bulgaria. We collected and filmed different objects: tools, clothes, books, music instruments, devices, and many more items, which described how Bulgarians used to live in the past.
My hey focus on the project:

  • Setting up a methodology for collecting the metadata
  • Organized the field research
  • UI/UX
  • Usability testing
  • Maintained social media presence and online content.

As part of the web development team, I created two user personas, a university teacher and a tourist who likes to visit more alternative places.
From this starting point, I drew a storyboard and create UI from scratch.


We implemented a functionality where each location is displayed on an integrated Google map with the ability to search by different criteria.

During the development, I did usability testing and reported the feedback to the technical team. In the end, I published the content online using CMS. Once the platform was “live” I was responsible for social media presence and online content.