A favourite Bulgarian writer says, “Get to know your homeland to love it” (Aleko Konstantinov), and I completely agree with the phrase.
Amsterdam is not my birthplace, but the longer I live here, the more I love it and comprehend its vastness. For two years now, I’ve been lucky enough to learn about the city in the best possible way from the stories of its young inhabitants.
Through I worked with diverse young people (10-15 years old), inspiring them to create their own personal – visual narrative about Amsterdam.
I am happy to share that this school year my project „Jongeren Vertellen over Amsterdam“ is developing further.
Thanks to the funding of Stichting Amsterdam 750Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK)Fonds 21, and support from my partners Dock and Noterik BV, I will launch in 10 (Ten!) neighbourhoods of Amsterdam interactive PopUps exhibitions that show the history of the city through the eyes of its young citizens. ❌❌❌
Check its brand new website: https://www.eeuwigejongestad.nl/