#MOOC4ALL project has been completed, with the International Training Conference “Future of Digital Learning” in collaboration with partners from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Finland and the Netherlands. It was a productive and informative day as all participants shared their knowledge, experiences, and ideas. The event celebrated the culmination of the project and looked at the ways it has achieved its end.
The partnership is proud to announce the development of the three project outcomes:  
 – The Social Model for Online Learning is a comprehensive, 150-page guide that delves into online learning offering various practical, non-formal activities designed to help facilitators nurture a beneficial learning environment. https://lnkd.in/ehM4TdwW
– A mobile app that functions as a virtual forum, designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas between those interested in attending an online course. https://lnkd.in/eY8_uC-k
– Facilitators Manual provides all MOOC facilitators with detailed steps to become good MOOCster.

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