If you’re from IJburg or Zeeburgereiland and are passionate about protecting the environment – or just want to learn more about how you can make a real impact – this is the pop-up for you! 

Come join us for 2 design thinking workshops where you’ll learn how to boost your creativity and the positive effect you can have on the climate. We’ll be using design thinking methods and we’ll focus on a real-life challenge that’s happening in IJburg right now

There are plans for a biomass plant in Diemen, but lots of local residents are against the idea. So we’re going to learn about the issues at stake and work together to raise our voices and show why we’re against the Diemen biomass plant. 

This is about creating a real, lasting impact from just a few short, creative actions that we can take as a group. For the climate, for our futures, and for the whole IJburg and Zeeburg community! 

In our design thinking sessions, you’ll work in a small group to create:

  • Your own campaign to raise awareness of the issues around the Diemen biomass plant – think shooting a short film and designing posters and flyers!
  • Make a video report for local IJburg TV
  • Bring your friends and families together to take part in local demonstrations and petitions
  • Design and build your own mobile exhibition on the issues surrounding the biomass plant – carry out your own research, take reporter-style photos and collect newspaper materials!

Who’s ready to get started and make a real impact in IJburg?! We’ll pack all this activity into 3-hour sessions on 2 consecutive Saturdays in June. Your organizer for the session is Krassimira, a social designer and mother of 2 who’s originally from Bulgaria. She’s dedicated her career to helping young people unleash their imaginations and skills, and loves learning by doing and inventing!