In September 2017 I was a participant in the Global Goals Jam Amsterdam organised by MediaLab of the HvA.  A two-day event where creative teams with designers, developers and Jammers from the local community work together in short design sprints using a tailored toolkit. The main goal of the Jam is to create interventions aimed at short-term targets supporting long-term goals.

The event contained 4 sprints that covered the entire design process of brainstorming, ideation, mind mapping the ideas, prototyping and final deliverable presentation with a model. I was part of the “girl team”, working in the project called “Zero Hunger”. Each of our team’ members had a different background – sociology, psychology, business management – and we all looked at the assignment from these different angles.

It was amazing to collaborate our ideas and experience and we came up with multiple solutions to a problem that we had to solve. Taking the time constraint into account we have to make fast decisions so we still had time to elaborate on the most suitable solution. We chose for an event to promote and to create a prototype/model of our product.

Our solution was to build communal compost pits in different areas for local and neighbourhood people to dispose of their food waste. The compost formed by this waste will be utilized to cultivate a communal garden. The fruits and vegetables grown in this communal garden will be equally distributed among the local and neighbourhood people. It was a proposal to form a circular economy.